Book Chapters

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Pushpendra Singh

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An Evaluation of Future Traveller Information System and its EffectivenesS IN Demand Management Schemes, 2009 

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Title: Escort Bot System and Method

Description: An escort bot for escorting a visually challenged user from his current location to a destination is provided herein. The escort bot includes an elongated member, and at least one sensor provided on the elongated member, wherein at least one sensor is configured to detect objects in the path of the escort bot. The escort bot further includes a chassis coupled to the distal end portion of the elongated member, wherein the chassis comprises a Bluetooth module, a microcontroller, and at least one motor.

The escort bot further includes at least two wheels which are coupled to at least one motor of the chassis. The Bluetooth module is communicatively connected with a mobile device of the user and is configured to receive instructions including GPS coordinates from the mobile device for escorting the user from the current location of the user to the destination of the user. The microcontroller is configured to process the received instructions including GPS coordinates and controls movement of the at least two wheels based on the processed instructions.